About us

Bilyana Tsaneva – Wedding planner

Ever since I was a kid my passion was music and dancing. I have always dream of being at the stage. As a typical young girl i spend many years dancing and singing, but at the end after graduating from school i decided to go and look for the right career path. So after graduating as Master of Business administration I started working in the industry but after some years I realize that this is definitely not my dream job. Going back to the stage and working in the event management sector was one of my unfulfilled dreams. And this is how i made a big turn and came back to the event management sector working as an event manager for variety of events such as scientific conferences, educational events, competitions, training, seminars, weddings, company parties and many others.

The culmination moment for me, which made me start my own business and open my dream wedding agency came when I organized my own wedding. This emotional day full of happiness and love made me realize that this everything I want to do – to make people happy and to help them organize their most important day in life. Seeing all the smiles and tears from happiness, getting all this positive feedback and encouragement from my family and friends I finally decided that organizing wedding is my destiny.

So I have successfully been working in the event management sector for 10 years already. Throughout the years I gained quite a valuable experience working as a project coordinator and project manager for few multinational companies which helped at a later stage to establish my own company – Alegria Wedding Agnecy in 2015. Since that moment i have been working as wedding planner and Master of ceremony leading them in different languages- Bulgarian, English, Spanish and Italian. Having this amazing job is a dream come true for me and every single client of mine can see the passion and the energy i throw in every single wedding i organize.

I am working together with a team of extraordinary professionals – DJs, photographers, video operators, dancing formations and decorators and together we create fariytales to be remembered. We all have one goal – to make you dream wedding come true!


DJ Slavy- professional DJ

My name is Slavcho Ivanov and i have been working as a professional DJ for more than 20 years. After working for many Top restaurants and clubs in different cities of Bulgaria I have decided to establish my own company which I called SPS Music Agency. The core business of the company is to organize variety of events and provide professional DJs and musicians. So ever since then I am mainly organizing private parties and weddings because this is my biggest passion. Working with my team members from Alegria is one of the most positive aspects of my work, that’s why I really love it.



DJ Tony- professional DJ

My name is Antoni Deninski and I have been working as a professional DJ for more than 20 years. During the years I have been organizing parties all over Europe and Bulgaria and this gave me quite a valuable experience.What you need to know about me is that I am very passionate about my job and I really love  organizing Great parties